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Construction Litigation


Tulsa, Oklahoma Construction Litigation Attorneys

Whether you’re involved in a simple home remodel or complex commercial construction, disputes can cost you time and money, rob you of the enjoyment of your property, and seriously threaten your business. For more than 40 years, Paul & Lackey has helped clients who were mired in controversy get relief and move their projects forward. We represent clients involved in all aspects of construction, including homeowners, homeowner associations, businesses, general contractors, subcontractors, developers, lenders, bond and surety companies, design professionals, and suppliers of materials. We negotiate, arbitrate, mediate and litigate cases arising from:

Thorough investigation by knowledgeable professionals

Establishing fault in construction cases often requires specialized knowledge of industry practices and standards. Our team includes qualified experts commonly used in construction defect cases, including general contractors, structural engineers, soil engineers, geotechnical engineers, statisticians, appraisers and architects. We provide reliable diagnostics and analyses to fortify your case and guide your case to a favorable resolution.

Mediation and arbitration services

Often parties can avoid expense and delay by mediating disputes about provisions in construction contracts. Moreover, many construction contracts have clauses that require non-binding or binding arbitration to resolve disputes. At Paul & Lackey our attorneys have experience representing parties at arbitration and mediation proceedings. We often negotiate lasting solutions that save our clients time and money and allow them to get their projects back on track. We provide final resolution of ongoing claims.

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